e-Read MyTweets is a project born from a personal need: too many tweets to read, too little time.

PCs, tablets and smartphones are all fine, but sometimes you are commuting or waiting in an office
with no signal, or your eyes hurt from staring too long at those little screens.

Amazon Kindle™ is a wonderful device and we think we have found a new and useful way to use it, by turning your Twitter stream into an e-Book which you can easily read on your e-Book reader.

Who's Behind e-Read MyTweets?


Alberto has more than 15 years experience in developing software, he wrote his first programs on a TI-99/4A and hasn't stopped since. Other than languages and development, Alberto's passions include squash, cooking and Monet paintings. He lives and works in Milano, Italy.


Art Director

With over 14 years interactive & media industry experience, Gary has worked on a range of brands from Mercedes Benz to Royal Bank Canada. An Art Director at Naturaloutlook.com;
he is inspired by Japanese minimalism, design, architecture and photography. Originally from
the UK, he now resides in Toronto, Canada.

e-Read MyTweets is completely developed in Scala using Akka and Play.

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